All About Foupster

Foupster came on the scene when online dating was reaching its peak. Before our launch in 2018, we benefited from professional consultation to ensure that our platform would appeal to casual online daters. It is at this point that we need to thank 

Dr. Fabian Burnett and ERE Solutions Ltd for all the assistance they rendered. 


From 2018 to present, Foupster has attracted enough users to be sustainable. As a genuine dating site that doesn't hire moderators to chat from behind fake profiles, Foupster never expected to be the number one dating site in the world. Let's be honest. Have you used the other dating sites that appear on the top of the google rankings? What has your experienced been like? Feel free to email us if you wish to share your story.


So, our journey in the online business world, as a genuine and honest dating platform, hasn't placed us on the top of the google ranking. This is something we are actually proud of. We will never compromise our principles. Casual date seekers must be able to find casual encounters without worrying about teh authenticity of the platform they are using.


Due to our genuine approach to online dating, The Flirthouse Group was eager to have Foupster under their brand. So, in 2023, Foupster became part of the Flirthouse Group of sites. The online world needs genuine and honest dating platforms!  


How to Contact Us

The fastest way to get a response from us is to send an email to

You can also text us at +1772-618-1393.

Mailing Address:

14350 NW 56th Court, #107
Suite TT-744191 
Opa-Locka, Florida, 33054
United States of America